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I worked with all the classes to create the poetry for A Kid's Guide to Making and Being a Friend













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For Children:

Pass The Poems Please

A workshop for children in grades P-3 about the stories and experiences that resulted in the writing of my books.  The workshop focuses on where authors get their ideas and how children can take notice of the possibilities around them to discover their own themes, topics and ideas for writing.

Notebook Know-how

A workshop for students in Grades 5-9, about the art and craft of writer's notebooks, with a modern twist.

Classroom Visits

On these visits I talk with children about my books and the process involved in getting from idea to published work. an integral part of these sessions is their link to environmental education through my picture books, Somewhere and Touch the Earth and to peace education through If Peace Is... Where time permits, students are involved in making blank books and writing their own poetry.


I am also available to work with schools or individual classes to help them write their own book on a selected topic (several sessions may be required).


For Teachers:

Books as Bridges

Viewing parental involvement through the lens of family literacy can be a daunting prospect for teachers.  Yet when parents are offered opportunities to become teammates, teachers gain access into the hidden world of family literacy and identify the value of their students’ and their families’ crucial   role.  Linking classroom routines to home literacy practices helps families expand and establish daily routines to foster a reading habit and helps ‘level the playing field’ for marginalized families. This workshop explores the use of children’s picture books as touchstone texts for bridging school and home literacies. Effective ways to begin the process of connecting home and school literacy in authentic ways, will be discussed.

Parents and Children Making Books Together


What better way to bring parents and children together and promote literacy than to make books together? In this hands-on workshop, you will learn everything you need to know to create a successful event at your school. Everyday materials make it easy and affordable and encourage families to continue making books at home.


Diaries, Memoir, and Journals

This workshop explores the use of personal experience and memory to record events and reflect on experience in a unique and artful way.  In this workshop I teach the use of simple but effective scrap booking techniques to decorate individual pages or entire journals along with tips on how to get started or sustain a daily writing habit.

Teaching Writing, Writing Teaching

This is a writing workshop for teachers who want to perfect their own craft as a writer.  In order to be a successful teacher of writing a teacher should be a writer herself.  This workshop helps participants develop a comfort level with writing and the writing process both in and out of the classroom.

Poetry Workshop

How to teach poetry with mentor texts. P-8

Using the Arts to Help Meet the Learning Needs of All Children

This workshop explores how creative dramatics, music, movement and art help children solidify their learning of language skills and strategies. It also explores how hands on, interactive materials related to the arts can enhance literature and language programs and be used as effective learning tools. This workshop looks at how hands on learning through the arts can serve as a means of "scaffolding" for all children, but especially those children who are experiencing difficulty learning to read, write and comprehend.

Together we explore how the arts provides children with story models and book language to help them figure out how language works.  Discussion will involve how these activities provide vicarious experiences children can draw on when encountering stories in the future and how they encourage the awareness of symbolic representation and the ability to use representational skills.  This, in turn, enables children to decode words and figure out how letters and words go together, as well as provides cues to help remember new words and concepts.  These kinds of activities also serve as a motivator for the reluctant learner.

Picture It, Dads! Getting the dads involved in children’s literacy

Children do better when dads are involved in literacy-related activities, yet fathers remain an untapped resource. Involving fathers and male-caregivers in activities they have helped design, providing them with literacy materials and guided practice, along with a cohort of support, helps them develop confidence in their abilities to engage in such activities on their own and extends this involvement into their child’s school years.

During this interactive session, I draw from my work with dads and male caregivers in the Picture It, Dads! program, to show a variety of successful projects designed to involve dads in children’s literacy development. Materials, strategies and insights from the projects will be shared, along with a new website aimed at dads and those who work with them. 

Supporting Writing At Home

This workshop helps parents support children’s writing at home.  Whether it be a writing assignment for homework or to motivate the reluctant writer or giving support to the budding novelist, this workshop, designed for parents, will share strategies to develop children’s writing skills in a fun manner.

Make a Book with Dad

Dads and children ages 4 and up make a variety of blank books using an assortment of everyday materials.






I talk about writing at the Champlain Elementary School Writer's For Peace Cafe.



Dad's enjoy making blank books with their children.