Earthwriters Club Writing Ideas



Here are some ideas to get you started. You will probably think of lots more. Send your writing ideas to me at so I can add them to this list!



       Make posters about how to help the earth. Think of things kids can do.

       Make greeting cards with one idea on each card or in make endangered animal cards and write some interesting facts about each animal.

       Make your own Earth board game with information about ways to look after the earth in the squares of the game board.

       Make books with stories about characters who look after the earth or write about endangered plants and animals and where they are found.

       Make a comic strip or cartoon.

       Send a letter or email to a friend or family member asking them to do something to help the earth.

       Make your own club poe-tree! Find a branch already cut off a tree and put it in a bucket of sand or dirt so it stands by itself. Write poems about the earth and how to look after it. Print your poems on small pieces of coloured or recycled paper. Hand with yarn on your tree branches.

       Make a wish scroll. Cut a strip of paper. Fashion the paper at one end to a twig. Write your wishes for a healthier earth on the paper. Roll the paper around the stick and tie with yarn or ribbon. These make nice gifts for your friends and family.

       Write a song about the earth.


Help it to be Earth Day every day!