Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Jane Baskwill

482 Carleton Rd., R.R. #1

Lawrencetown, NS B0S 1M0

Faculty of Education
Mount Saint Vincent University

Office: SAC 439
Phone: 902.457.6189
(H) 902.584.3692


2003    Ph.D. in Education; Focus areas: educational leadership, representation in research,

arts-informed methodology, school change, Principal/practitioner research, feminist research; Dissertation:  Women principals and their work: Is there room for the ‘girls’ in the ‘boys’ club’?; Supervisor: Dr. Patricia Thomson; University of South Australia

1993    Teaching Licence:  Nova Scotia Teaching Certificate, Class 7, Nova Scotia Department of Education

1992    M.A. in Education, Focus areas: literacy, family/community literacy, school change, Principal/practitioner research; Thesis: Finding common ground: Building a dialogic community; Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Manning; Mount Saint Vincent University

1987    M.Ed., Focus areas: family literacy, educational administration, practitioner research; Special Project: Parents and teachers: Partners in literacy; Supervisor: Dr. David Doake; Acadia University

1973    B.Ed., Focus area: Elementary Education; Acadia University

1968    B.A., Focus areas: Language Arts, Art, Drama, French; Hope College, Holland, Michigan


Scholastic Achievement:

1992, Kappa Gamma Phi Honour Sorority, Distinguished Master’s Thesis, Mount Saint Vincent University


2003-present, Faculty of Education, Assistant Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University

2003-2001, Faculty of Education, Instructor, part-time, Mount Saint Vincent University

2001, Distance Learning and Continuing Education, Instructor, part-time, Mount Saint Vincent University

1995-2003, Kingston and District School, Principal, Annapolis Valley Regional School Board

1988-1995, Parker's Cove Consolidated School, Principal, Annapolis Valley District School Board

1976-88, Lawrencetown Consolidated School, Teacher, Annapolis Valley District School Board

1974-76, Margaretsville Consolidated School, Teacher, Annapolis Valley District School Board

1971-74, Glooscap Elementary School, Teacher, Annapolis Valley District School Board

1968-71, Bignell Elementary School, Teacher, Grand Haven School Board, Grand Haven, Michigan

1967-68, Saugatuck Elementary, Teacher, Saugatuck School Board, Saugatuck, Michigan

Teaching Awards and Honours

Education Quality Awards for Innovative Curriculum Projects, Nova Scotia Teacher's Union, 1991

Distinguished Achievement Award, Educational Press Association of America, 1989

Leadership: Annapolis District School Board Educational Leadership Award, 1988

Recognition for Educational Leadership: Nova Scotia Department of Education, 1986

Friends of Writer's Award: Nova Scotia Writer's Federation 1984


Research and Scholarship

Research Program:

My research program demonstrates my areas of research interest. One of my interests is researching educational administration and, in particular, gender and the principalship. My use of arts-informed methodologies and ways of representing data makes a notable contribution to the field. My doctoral dissertation describes this research. I have written several peer-reviewed publications growing out of this work: one book chapter, an article to be published this fall, a book chapter (co-authored), also due out this Fall, an article under second review and several non-refereed papers, symposiums, and performed presentations. I also pursued similar research in Jamaica under a Mount Saint Vincent University New Scholar Grant (2003). I made presentations on my findings at the four Teachers Colleges in Jamaica and in a paper presented to the Canadian Association for Studies of Women in Education (CASWE).  

Another area of interest for me is applied literacy research. My earlier action research (Baskwill, 1998) investigated parental and community literacy in a small fishing village in Nova Scotia for which I received the MSVU Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award (1992). I continue to research and write about literacy learning and teaching in a variety of contexts – the university classrooms, schools, rural families and communities. My recently completed research (Baskwill, 2006), funded by the Knowledge Development Centre, studied rural school volunteerism, barriers and best practices, and resulted in two deliverables: a Manual for School Volunteers and a Fact Sheet, in English and French - that describes the research, reports the findings and makes recommendations. This research is interconnected with my on-going research that studies the use of writing as a vehicle through which parents, children, schools, and communities, in rural settings, can come together to share knowledge, strategies and expertise about literacy learning. I received a Knowledge Exchange Grant from the Canadian Council on Learning (2006) with Dr. Mary Jane Harkins. Dr. Harkins and I have made a presentation on our work and have submitted an article. In August, 2007, I received research funding from the Canadian Council on Learning for an Adult Learning Grant to study the early literacy practices of rural dads and their pre-school children. In addition, I am involved in a funded project at Cambridge and District School (PDAF, 2006; FLIEF, 2007) for which I am the principal evaluator.  

I am also interested in investigating my own teaching practice through conducting participatory action research.  

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Baskwill, J. (2006) If at first you don’t succeed…A closer look at an old adage, Language Arts, Vol. 83, No. 6, pp.506-513.

Baskwill, J. (January, 2008) Principal arts, Educational Insights  http://ccfi.educ.ubc.ca/publication/insights/  

Under review: Picture It, Dads! Changing the picture of  dads’ and male caregivers’  involvement in children’s literacy development, Canadian Children

Accepted (Co-authored*): Through a child’s eyes: Using photography to support and sustain parents’ initiation of home writing activities, Young Child; with Mary Jane Harkins (20 pp.).

* Please note: all co-authored publications reflect the equal contribution of all the authors.

Single blind

Baskwill, J., (2004). The Writing’s on the Wall: Musings from Childhood. Talking Points, National Council of Teacher’s of English, Urbana, Illinois.

Book Chapters 

In Press: Art-Full Journals: Helping students make multi-modal connections to “big ideas” and “strong texts”, Booth, D., Jupiter, C. & Peterson, S. (Eds.). A place for children’s literature in new literacies classrooms, Portage & Main Press (20pp.)

In Press (Co-authored*): Jane and Pat Think and Do: A Basal Reader Story, with Pat Thomson in L. Neilsen, A. Cole & G. Knowles (Eds.) Scholartistry, Backalong Books (20 pp.).

In Press: Art-Full Thinking: Exploring Teacher Attitudes Towards Multicultural Literature Through the Arts, G. Taylor & K. Hinton-Johnson (Eds.), Multicultural literature and the new educational accountability, (20 pp.). 

Baskwill, J., (2001). Performing Our Research and Our Work: Women Principals on Stage, in L. Neilsen, A. Cole & G. Knowles (Eds.) The Art of Writing Inquiry (pp. 132-158), Backalong Books. 

Research Reports

Baskwill, J. (2006). Expanding Volunteerism in Rural Schools in Nova Scotia: Promising Practices. Toronto, ON: ImagineCanada; http://www.nonprofitscan.ca/Files/kdc-cdc/msvu_manual_ruralschools.pdf. (It is published on the Nonprofit Canada website which is a project of Imagine Canada.  The URL for the website is http://www.nonprofitscan.ca/) In addition, a Fact Sheet was written for this project and is also available to interested stakeholders, agencies and the public. 

Non- Refereed

Papers Presented at Conferences and Meetings

Gender and literacy learning: Cross-cultural perspectives on the ‘boy problem’, CSSE/CASWE Conference, York University, York, Ontario, May, 2006

And they lived happily ever after: Counternarratives to the ‘boy’ myth, Narrative Matters Conference, Acadia University, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, May 2006

Re-imagin(e)ing educational administration: the art of the mask, Paper presented at the Atlantic Educators Conference, Saint Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, November 19, 2005. 

The art of meaning making: It’s just a ‘girl’ thing, Canadian Society for the Study of Education Annual Conference, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, June 1, 2004

Data-driven decision making: Where data drove us, a report from the colonies, Panel with Susan Church, Michael Corbett, David MacKinnon, Glynis Ross, Ann Vibert, Canadian Society for the Study of Education Annual Conference, June 1, 2004

Performing research, Atlantic Educator’s Conference, Halifax, NS, November 2001

Artful research, Atlantic Educator’s Conference, Fredricton, NB, November 18, 2000.

The messy art of educational leadership: Perspectives from two women administrators, with Susan Church, Women & Society Conference, Poughkeepsie, NY, June 9-11, 2000.

Getting messier and messier: The art of the principal, Paper presented at the Atlantic Educators Conference, Charlottetown, PEI, November 20, 1999.

Learner support: A classroom-based literacy intervention program, Paper presented at the Granite State Reading Association Conference, Burlington, VT, October 1998.

Invited Keynotes and Papers

Every child can read: Supporting early literacy learning in pre-school settings. Keynote  Address, Nova Scotia Early Childhood Educators Certification Council Conference, New Minas, NS, May, 2002

Parents and teachers: Establishing a partnership in literacy. Keynote Address, Pictou Reading Association Conference, Pictou, NS, May, 1998.

Creating home/school partnerships, Keynote Address, Digby Local of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union Annual Conference, Digby, NS, 1998

 Performing our research and our work: Women principals on stage, Paper presented at University of South Australia Summer Institute, Halifax, NS, 2001


Play/writing the educational enterprise: Scripting inquiry , Workshop Symposium, with Lorri Neilsen, American Educational Research Association Conference, Seattle, WA,, April 13, 2001.

Performed Presentations

Body of work:Research-informed theatre as embody/ment of practice in educational administration, Festival of Original Theatre Conference, Toronto, February 12, 2005

Live performance, dinner theatre performance and lecture, Women in Educational Leadership in Nova Scotia Annual Meeting, Halifax, NS, 2001 

Professional Activity


Yes, but…if they like it they’ll learn it!, (Co-authored*) Pembroke, 2007, with Susan Church and Margaret Swain

Peace is a promise, Mondo Publishing, New York, 2003

Touch the earth, Mondo Publishing, New York, 1999

Every child can read, (Co-authored*) Scholastic, Inc., 1998, with Paulette Whitman

Interactive literacy builders, Scholastic, Inc., 1998

Somewhere, Mondo Publishing, New York, 1996

Learner support program: A framework for classroom-based reading intervention, (Co-authored*) Scholastic Canada, 1995, with Paulette Whitman

Language arts sourcebook - Grades five and six, (Co-authored*) Scholastic Canada, 1991, with Steve Baskwill

Parents and teachers: Partners in learning, Scholastic Canada, 1990

Pass the poems please, Wildthings Press, Halifax, 1989

Connections: A child's natural learning tool, Scholastic Canada, 1989

Evaluation: Whole language, whole child, (Co-authored*) Scholastic Canada, 1988 with Paulette Whitman.

A guide to classroom publishing, (Co-authored*) Scholastic Canada, 1986, with Paulette Whitman

Whole language sourcebook, (Co-authored*) Scholastic Canada, 1986, with Paulette Whitman

Moving on, (Co-authored*) Scholastic Canada, 1988, with Paulette Whitman

Book Chapter

Parent and community involvement, in Curriculum planning in the language arts K-12: An holistic perspective.  Courtland & Gambell, eds. Captus Press, 1994

Scholarly Book Entry

From turkey traps to balloon trees, in The Whole Language Catalogue, Goodman, K., Bird, L.B.,& Goodman, Y. (eds.), Macmillan/McGraw Hill, Santa Rosa, CA, 1991

Invited Articles:

Fit for life, Principals Online, Vol. 1, No. 3, 2006 (download at http://www.principalsonline.com/downloads/feb2006_studentobesity.pdf )

Parents as partners: The Principal’s role, Principals Online, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2005 (download at http://www.principalsonline.com/downloads/oct2005_parentrelations.pdf )

Building Community on Common Ground: Celebrating Diversity, The CAP Journal, Vol. 13, No. 1, 2005, p. 15

The much maligned teddy bear, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol. 28, No. 5, 1998, pp.56-58

Incorporate phonics into your writing program, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol. 28, No. 1, 1997, pp.86

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Learner Support: A grassroots look at reading intervention, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol. 25, No. 8, 1995, pp.59-61

A story in progress: Writing with young children, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol. 23, No. 8,  1993, pp.46-48

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Ask me about: A newsletter with a difference, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol. 22, No. 8, 1992, pp.44-46

From big books to bear's teeth, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol. 22, No. 3, 1991, pp.67-69

Your role during independent practice, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol 21, No. 1, 1991

Sorting it out, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol 21, No. 8, 1991, pp.60-63

Taking stock, Teaching K-8 Magazine, Vol. 20, No. 8, 1990, pp.44-46

How to keep track of learning growth, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol.21, No. 1, 1990, pp.56-59

Looking at ourselves, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol.21, No. 3, 1990, pp.75-78

Making the most of the shared language session, Teaching Pre K-8, Vol. 19, No. 8, 1989

Routine explorations, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol. 19, No. 3, 1989

The ordinary spectacular literacy event, The Annual, A Journal of the Nova Scotia ReadingSpecialist's Association, No. 1, 1989

Learner support: A grassroots approach to reading intervention, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol. 25, No. 8, 1989

Independent practice: Kids at work, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol.20, No. 1, 1989, pp.76-78

Making connections, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol. 18, No. 8, 1988, pp.72-75

Themestorming, Teaching Pre K-8 Magazine, Vol. 19,  No. 1, 1988, pp.42-45

Conference Presentations (Conference Program Committee Reviewed, Abstract only)

Art-Full Journals: Helping students make multi-modal connections to “big ideas” and “strong texts”, A Place for Children’s Literature within New Literacies Classrooms, OISE/Toronto IRA, Toronto Ontario, April 4-5, 2008

Changing the lens: Using art-full reflective journaling and multi-cultural children’s literature to explore issues of anti-racism and social justice, NCTE Literacies for All Summer Institute, Louisville, Kentucky, July 14-18, 2007

Peace is a promise: An author works with schools to promote peace education through children’s literature and the arts, NCTE Literacies for All Summer Institute, Charlotte, North Carolina, July 13-16, 2006

Enhancing literacy learning and cultural transition through locally published reading materials, with Susan Church and Margaret Swain, International Reading Association’s Regional Conference, Toronto, November 27-29, 2006

Peace is a promise: A whole-school approach to peace education, International Reading Association’s Regional Conference, Toronto, November 27-29, 2005

Creating a caring curriculum, Panel with Paulette Whitman, National Council of Teachers of English, Atlanta, GA, 2002 

Conference Presentations

Learner support: Meeting the needs of struggling learners in the regular classroom, Canadian Reading Association, Regional Conference, Vancouver, 2002

Creating a caring Curriculum, National Council of Teachers of English Spring Conference, Boston, 1996

Learner Support and Whole Language Teaching Strategies, Reading For The Love of It, Scarborough, 1995, 1992

Whole Language Teaching Strategies Northeast Whole Language Conference, Rutland, 1995, 1993, 1991, 1989, 1987, 1985

Creating a Caring Curriculum, International Whole Language Umbrella Conferences 1994, 1992, 1991

Learner Support, Australian Reading Association Annual Convention, Melbourne, 1993

Parents as Partners in Learning, Saskatchewan Reading Association, Saskatoon, 1993

Evaluation in the Whole Language Classroom; Shared Language and Independent Practice; Whole Language Teaching Strategies; Parents as Partners Pre-conference Institute,  International Reading Association's Annual Convention, Orlando, 1992; Toronto, 1988; California, 1987; New Orleans, 1986; California 1985.

Organizing the Whole Language Classroom, Shared Language from Theory to Practice, New England Reading Association, 1987, 1986


Day by day: Parent and child activity calendar, Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union, 1989-90, 1987-88 

Invited Presentations and Workshops

Research Dissemination:

Picture it! Publish it! Read it!, Canadian Council on Learning Adult Learning Knowledge Centre  Knowledge Exchange Symposium, Halifax, June 9-11, 2007; with Mary Jane Harkins

Rural Volunteering in Education, presentation of research findings and recommendations,Knowledge Development Centre Strategic Management and Coordination Committee 4th Annual Knowledge Dissemination Forum, Saint John’s, Newfoundland; September 21-23, 2006

Presentations and workshops:

Writers in the Schools (WITS) 2007-2004 – eight schools/year, one day/school, over the past four years

Parents as partners, School Counsellors Symposium, Mount Saint Vincent, October 12, 2006

The craft of writing for children: From idea to published book, presentation made to B.Ed students, Acadia University Wolfville, 2005

Gender and leadership, Acadia University Graduate Studies Program, Wolfville, NS, 2002

Inside the writer’s workshop, Alex Bull Memorial Writer’s Festival, Digby, 2004

Fostering family literacy, Family Literacy Week Conference, New Minas School, New Minas, 2005

Teaching literacy through the arts, presentation to Bed students, Acadia University BEd Fall Conference, Wolfville, 2003

Touch the earth: Writing about big ideas, Saint Mary’s Elementary School Writer’s Workshop, Presenter, 2003

Shared Language from Theory to Practice, New Brunswick Reading Association, St. John, 1986

Invited Professional Development and Inservices:

Halifax Christian Academy, Professional Development, Teacher Writing Workshops, Halifax, 2005, 2004 – six days

Association of Christian Schools International, Inservice Presenter, Moncton, New Brunswick, October, 2005, four sessions on writing: Early elementary fiction and non-fiction, upper elementary fiction and non-fiction

Association of Christian Schools International, Workshop Presenter, Toronto, Ontario, October, 2005, eight sessions on writing: Early elementary fiction and non-fiction, upper elementary fiction and non-fiction, stages of young children’s writing development, assessing children’s writing

Mississauga Masters Level Summer Literacy Institute, Mississauga, 1998, five days – five hours/day

New York State Department of Education (BOCES) Conference, Uniondale, 1993, 1992 – four 90 minute sessions each

Saskatchewan Federation of Home and School Conference, 1993, (one day)

Kanawha County West Virginia System Conference, 1992, four 90 minute sessions

Mi'kmawey Language and Curriculum Conference, White Point Beach, 1988, two days – five hours/day

The Main - E-vent, Windham, 1988, 1986  – four 90 minute sessions each

Nova Scotia Reading Association/ Nova Scotia Reading Specialists Association Provincial Conferences, Halifax 1988, 1987, 1986, 1985, 1984 – two 90 minute sessions each

University of Western Ontario Summer School, 1988, 1987, five days – five hours/day

Literacy Institute, Paradise, 1989, 1988, five days – five hours/day

Scarborough/London School Boards, Scarborough, 1987, three days – five hours/day

Don Holdaway Literacy Seminar, Acadia University, Wolfville, 1985, five days – five hours/day

Audio-Visual Productions and Materials (I have included new media in this section)

Video Tape Series: Invitation to learning, produced in cooperation with Nova Scotia Department of Education Media Services and Scholastic Canada, 1988. Award winning video distributed world-wide for teacher professional development. Used in university classrooms as well.

PowerPoint: Picture It! Publish It! Read It! Why Writing, Picture It! Publish It! Read It! Stages of Writing, Picture It! Publish It! Read It! Making Books With Children; set of deliverables written and developed for  the Picture It! Publish It! Read It! Knowledge Exchange Project, funded by the Canadian Council on Learning, 2007, with Mary Jane Harkins.  (available for downloading at www.janebaskwill.com )

Podcasts: PIP: Picture It Parents Podcasts; Podcasts for parents, teachers and community that provide current literacy information and resources for promoting family literacy (can be heard by following the links at www.janebaskwill.com ) These podcasts were written and produced by me as part of the Publish It! Project at Cambridge and District School, funded by PDAF, Nova Scotia Teachers Union and the Family Literacy Initiative Endowment Fund (FLIEF), 2007.

Grants and awards

Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) Adult Learning Grant, $30000.00, 2007, Picture It, Dads!: Engaging rural fathers and male caregivers in children’s early literacy development – a formative action research study

Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) Adult Learning Knowledge Centre Knowledge Exchange Grant, with Mary Jane Harkins, $4638.00, 2006, Picture It! Publish It! Read It! (PiPiRi) Project: Engaging parents as leaders in family literacy activities

ImagineCanada, Knowledge Development Centre, $36669.00, 2005, Expanding volunteerism in rural schools in Nova Scotia: Promising practices

New Scholar Research Grant, MSVU, $6000.00, 2003, Women elementary principals and their work in the Jamaica public school system.

 I have also been the principal writer of two grant applications for an applied research literacy project at Cambridge and District School that I initiated and is being implemented in partnership with the Cambridge and District School, the Annapolis Valley First Nation and the Valley Community Literacy Association (VCLA). Both have been funded:

Publish It! Children and Parents – Partners in Learning, Professional Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), $6,000.00, 2006

Publish It! Children and Parents – Partners in Learning, Family Literacy Initiative Endowment Fund (FLIEF), $12,000.00, 2007

Funded Projects:

Clarica Foundation, $7,000, 2002, Leading the way: Developing leadership attitudes and behaviours in children and youth.

ARTS Infusion Foundation,$4,000, 2001, En Français: Enhancing language learning in French Immersion classrooms.

Shenoroil Foundation, $1500, 2001, Pursuing pathways to peace

IWK Grace Health Centre Foundation, $4,500, 2001, Start smart: Giving children a head start in literacy learning.

Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union Professional Development Assistance Fund, $3,000, 2001, Using drama to solidify literacy learning development of at-risk children in the primary grades.

S.M. Blair Family Foundation, $2,000, 1997, Girls and young women leading the way.

IWK Grace Health Centre Foundation, $10,000, 1996, Facing the facts: Learning to deal with stress, conflict and violence.

Canadian Health Promotion Fund, $2,500, 1996, From the inside out: Promoting positive school climate project.

Internal and External Service

Administrative responsibilities

Program Coordinator, Graduate Literacy Education, Faculty of Education, January 2005-present


Presentations to faculty

No-frills podcasting: Beginner’s luck, Mount Saint Vincent Teaching Showcase, presentation/demonstration, Halifax, NS, April 13, 2007.

Principal Arts, Research and Scholarship Open House, MSVU, 2005

External Service

Committees and professional organizations

Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking (CELT) (http://www.ed.arizona.edu/celt/), sponsored member, 2007, on-going

FLEIF Grant Steering Committee, University partner, 2007, on-going

Nova Scotia Department of Education/University Liaison Committee, invited member, 2003- present

International Whole Language Umbrella (NCTE), Board of Directors, elected June 2005 (3 year mandate)

Literacy Nova Scotia, member, 2007-present

Canadian Society for the Study of Education, member, 2004-present

Canadian Association for the Study of Educational Administration, member, 2004-present

Canadian Association for the Study of Women and Education, member, 2004-present

Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre, member, 2004-present

Playwrights Assembly, Neptune Theatre, member, 2003-present

Canadian Children’s Book Council, member, 2003-present

National Council Teachers of English, member, 1985-present

Nova Scotia Writer=s Federation, member, 1998-present

Writer’s in the Schools (WITS) visiting author program, member, 2003-present

International Reading Association, member, 1980-present

President Annapolis County Council of the International Reading Association, 1993-98, 1981-83

International Reading Association's Provincial Coordinator for Nova Scotia, 1985-88

Nova Scotia's Representative to the International Confederation of TAWL Groups (Teachers Applying Whole Language), 1993-95

Founding Member, International Reading Association's Whole Language Special Interest Group, 1993

Member of International Reading Association/ National Council of Teachers English Liaison Committee, 1982-84

President Nova Scotia Reading Association, 1982-84

Whole Language Umbrella, member, 1993-present

Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union, member, 1995-2003

Nova Scotia School Administrators Association, member, 1988-2003

National Middle School Association, member, 2000-2003

Canadian Association of Principals, member, 1988-2003

 Other Contributions

Nova Scotia Writers Federation Writing for Children Adult Competition, Judge, 2007

Atlantis, Manuscript reviewer, 2007

Price Edward Island Council of the Arts Writing for Children Adult Competition, Judge, 2006

Canadian Journal of Education, Manuscript reviewer, 2005, 2006

Volunteer Author-in-Residence, Annapolis Valley Regional Library, 2001-2005

Literacy Tutor, Lawrencetown School, 2000-2005

Director, Student Drama Workshop, Lawrencetown Consolidated School, Lawrencetown, 2005

Gerry Carty Memorial Writers= Festival – Chairperson, 1999-2002

Kingston Drama Club Director, 1999-2003

Lawrencetown and Area Community Partners Association Young Writer’s Club, Facilitator, 2002, 2003, 2004

I am also a playwright.  My play, Adie’s Postcards, was selected as part of a juried competition for a Staged Reading at FemFest ’05, Winnipeg, Manitoba. This selection also entitled me to work with dramaturge Deborah Trihanyi, OISE.