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I was born in Queens, New York. When I was a child my parents allowed me to write on one wall of my bedroom. It was in this space that I published, in words and pictures, my first stories and launched my writing self.

However, I have lived most of my adult life, after becoming a Canadian citizen, in rural Nova Scotia.  Here, I have watched foxes steal pears from beneath the trees in my back yard, listened to red-tailed hawks argue over a recently caught meal, smelled the arrival of a family of skunks, and tasted the wild blackberries that grow in the fields and by the roadside.

I appreciate and respect the beauty of nature in all its forms and all its moments.  I am a strong advocate for equity and social justice and work to further Peace Education in schools.  I share this through my teaching, writing and poetry.

I  have authored many professional books and articles for teachers in addition to an award-winning video series.  I have also authored a book of poetry for children: Pass the Poems Please, WildThings Press and three picture books: Somewhere (1996), Touch the Earth (1999), and  If Peace Is…(2003), (Mondo Publishing, New York) and have recently released my first novel for children (8-12yrs), Together in Time.

I have been President of the Nova Scotia Reading Association and Nova Scotia’s Provincial Coordinator for the International Reading Association. I am currently a member of CELT, The Centre for the Expansion of Language and Thinking. I have been a Featured Speaker and workshop leader at numerous educational conferences.  I am  a former teacher and principal and is currently on the Education Faculty at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax.

I am a six-time recipient of the Education Quality Award from the Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union and I received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Educational Press Association of America for my series of articles in Teaching K-8 Magazine.

I currently live with my husband, Steve, and our pack of Great Danes, in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.

Selected Publications

In addition to Jane’s picture books, the following is a list of selected publications:


Baskwill, J. (January, 2008) Principal arts, Educational Insights


Baskwill, J. (2008) Picture It, Dads!, Canadian Children, Vol. 33, No.2., pp. 26-31.

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Baskwill, J., Church, S. & Swain, M. (2009). The boy(s) who cried wolf: Re-visioning

textual re-presentations of boys and literacy, Atlantis, Mount Saint Vincent University.

Unpublished paper: Re-imag(e)ining educational administration: The art of the mask,

CELT, 2009.

Baskwill, J. (2006) If at first you don’t succeed…A closer look at an old adage,

            Language Arts, Vol. 83, No. 6, pp.506-513.

Baskwill, J., (2004). The Writing’s on the Wall: Musings from Childhood. Talking Points,

National Council of Teacher’s of English, Urbana, Illinois.


Baskwill, J. (2010). Books as bridges: Using text to connect home and school literacy

and learning, Pembroke

Baskwill, J. (2009). Getting dads on board: Fostering literacy partnerships for successful

student learning, Pembroke

Church, S., Baskwill, J. & Swain, M. (2007). Yes, but…if they like it they’ll learn it!,


Book Chapters

Baskwill, J. (2009) Art-Full Journals: Helping students make multi-modal connections to

“big ideas” and “strong texts”, in Books, media & the internet: Children’s literature for today’s classrooms, S. Peterson, D. Booth & C. Jupiter (Eds.), Portage & Main Press.

Baskwill, J. (2009) Art-Full Thinking: Exploring Teacher Attitudes Towards Multicultural

Literature Through the Arts, G. Singleton Taylor & K. Hinton-Johnson (Eds.), Teaching multicultural literature to help children understand ethnic diversity: Essays and experiences, Edwin Mellen Press.

In Press: When an old technology (storytelling) meets a new one (digital photography):

Changing the face of local literacy practices, in Books, sure! And what else? P. Albers & R. Schmidt (Eds), Taylor & Francis.

Baskwill, J. & Thomson, P. (2008). Jane and Pat Think and Do: A Basal Reader Story,

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Baskwill, J., (2001). Performing Our Research and Our Work: Women Principals

on Stage, in L. Neilsen, A. Cole & G. Knowles (Eds.) The Art of Writing Inquiry, Backalong Books.

Research Reports

Baskwill, J. (2006). Expanding Volunteerism in Rural Schools in Nova Scotia: Promising Practices. Toronto, ON: ImagineCanada; http://www.nonprofitscan.ca/Files/kdc-cdc/msvu_manual_ruralschools.pdf. (It is published on the Nonprofit Canada website which is a project of Imagine Canada.  The URL for the website is http://www.nonprofitscan.ca/) In addition, a Fact Sheet was written for this project and is also available to interested stakeholders, agencies and the public.

 Performed Presentations

Body of work: Research-informed theatre as embody/ment of practice in educational administration, Festival of Original Theatre Conference, Toronto, February 12, 2005

Live performance, dinner theatre performance and lecture, Women in Educational Leadership in Nova Scotia Annual Meeting, Halifax, NS, 2001


For a more complete list of publications see my Curriculum Vitae