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"The Earth touches us in many ways... and we touch the Earth. Jane Baskwill explores the ways we interact with our environment in this lavishly illustrated picture book, including some easy suggestions for children to touch the Earth: plant a tree, go on a beach sweep, adopt an endangered animal. Luminous paintings by Peter Fiore complement this simple text of environmental awareness,"  Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia

Mondo Publishing ISBN 1-57255-428-2






Kids, Teachers, Parents and Librarians

Touch the earth with your songs, with your stories, with your artwork.

Want to help the Earth? Start your own Earthwriters Club!


Here’s how:

1.           Have a meeting. Invite anyone who wants to help the earth through writing. Ask an adult to be your club leader.

2.         Brainstorm writing projects that will get your message out, give people more information, or remind them their help is needed to make our planet a healthier place. (There is a list to get you started on this website).

3.         Name your club (i.e. The Lawrencetown Earthwriters Club) and design a logo (a picture just for your club). Decide when and where you will meet.

4.         At your meetings, talk about what you will write and how to do it. Help each other. Read your writing. Give helpful suggestions. Read books about ways kids can help the Earth and about the plants and animals that need your help. Share that information in your writing and drawing.

5.         Get your message out. Read it to others, hang it up on your fridge. Ask for permission to hang it in your school or classroom or in the public library. (Remember to make it as free from errors as you can!)

You can email me (janebaskwill@gmail.com) to let me know how you are doing and to share your writing.

Have fun and remember:

When you touch the earth you show you care!


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