Welcome to the Publish It! online book-creation application.

 Publish It! is a highly successful and popular program for parents, children and community members and is now in this easy-to-use online format. You will be able to make your own picture books about family and community events, people, hobbies, pets and favourite activities. Illustrate them with photos you have taken especially for your book or scan photos you already have.

Once completed, your book will become part of the online Library. You will also be able to print a copy of your book.

To become part of our Publish It! family, register first by contacting Jane at janebaskwill@gmail.com

For more about the history of the online project, click here.

 Not sure if you want to create your own books? Consider this. It takes a village to raise a reader and a writer! When a community writes together, they help encourage children’s writing and let children know writing is valued. When parents and community members write for and with their children, they become positive role models children want to copy.

 When the writing is published and shared it becomes a way to help to preserve traditions, pass on information, and spark interest in the people, activities and events in a community. The books become a treasure trove of family and community life.

 Writing can be a shared family experience, just like story time, and can become one that is looked forward to by everyone in the family.

Take a moment and check out the books already published using the Publish It! application.  Just click on the Publish It! button. 

Have any questions?  Read over the How to Publish book, which can help get you started.


Participation in the Publish IT! program requires an affiliation with one of our registered sites.

Contact: Jane at janebaskwill@gmail.com

Publish It! appreciates the support it has received from:

ACOA, Lawrencetown & Area Seniors Association, Mount Saint Vincent University and VCLA.