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Publish It! Children and Parents – Partners in Learning was a family literacy program concept aimed at improving students’ motivation to read and write by increasing parent participation in children’s literacy learning. The project design involved families in the writing, self-publishing and home and school use of high-interest, locally produced non-fiction books. Parents and children collaborated on the writing and also learned how to illustrate and publish their book, using digital photography to illustrate them. The program was delivered in person at the various sites or through our online version which has been retired.

Several schools had created their own presses: Cambridge Elementary (Swingset Press), Gaspereau Elementary Grapevine Press), Lawrencetown Consolidated (Riverside Press), and Wolfville Elementary (Mudcreek Press).

Individuals and families continue to make books.

Why Write Books?

Not sure if you want to create your own books? Consider this. It takes a village to raise a reader and a writer! When a community writes together, they help encourage children’s writing and let children know writing is valued. When parents and community members write for and with their children, they become positive role models children want to copy.

When the writing is published and shared it becomes a way to help to preserve traditions, pass on information, and spark interest in the people, activities and events in a community. The books become a treasure trove of family and community life.

Writing can be a shared family experience, just like story time, and can become one that is looked forward to by everyone in the family.

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