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Getting Started

 Once you have registered and have logged in, you may begin the book making process.  Each book is made up of 15 pages including the cover, inside cover, title page, and dedication; so take some time to brainstorm ideas before commencing. A good idea might be to create a storyboard to organize your thoughts. Look through old photo albums to find appropriate pictures to scan or take new ones that illustrate what you would like to write about.

Be artistic and use other mediums to tell a story if old photographs are not an option. Sculpt clay figures, draw or paint pictures, dress up in costume or use stuffed animals, action figures, and other toys to tell a story. Make collages, finger puppets, a comic strip or papier-m‚chť. All you need is a digital camera to photograph your work and insert the photos into your story.

Step 1: The cover, Inside Cover, and Title page

To begin the process of writing your first book you have to think of a title and upload a picture for its cover. You may change the color, size, and style of your title using the buttons at the bottom right hand corner of the image box. Itís OK if you canít think of a great title yet. You can leave it and come back to it later. The program will save any changes you make so that you can finish you book in multiple sittings.

The inside cover of your book has already been completed for you. Here youíll find the copyright information for Family Literacy Press. You have the option, however, of uploading a photo on this page.

The next page in sequence is the title page. This page simply states the author, which is you, and the publishing company, Family Literacy Press. You have the option of uploading yet another photo here.

Step 2: The Dedication

On this page you must write a dedication. Dedications can be made to whomever you wish, such as for moms and dads, grandparents, siblings, teachers, pets, best friends, or organizations. The text box is located directly underneath the image box and this is where you can insert your dedication.

Again, you may upload another picture. Note that it is possible to scale your image down by using the green buttons in the top right hand corner of the image box. You can rotate your image or remove it by clicking on one of the buttons located at the top of the image box. Once removed, you are free to upload another picture.  

Step 3: Pages 1- 11

If you have reached this phase in the book making process, this is where your story will unfold. On each page you will upload an image and input text. You have the option to write a little or a lot, and to manipulate your text and images. This is your book, so itís up to you how you want it to look! Remember your story must fit onto 11 pages; so ideally, a picture and text should be prepared for each page. 

Step 4: Finishing Up

Itís important to proofread your work so be sure to read your book a few times once itís completed to catch any mistakes you may have made before itís sent to the printing press. You can preview your book at any point during this process by clicking on the preview button located at the top of the screen. Itís always a good idea to have another pair of eyes look at your work to scan for errors and to give you encouragement and feedback.

Step 5: Accessing your Publish It Book

Another great feature of the Publish It tool is that its members have access to all of the books ever written and published using the site. You can peruse, read, and perhaps find inspiration from the multitudes of books that others have written. When published, your book will become accessible to others as well. In order to print you book it must be published first for all to share.  Keeping this in mind, it is important that you refrain from writing anything that you do not feel comfortable sharing with others.